travelnow.com charged us for a cancellation that they cofirmed in an e-mail which had been booked with them three hours prior. We also made a phone call to their customer care number and was told 'not to worry about it' since the booking had been made only hours beforehand.

they say they have no record of the call but we have the confirmation number which they agree is their number but conclude that it will not be honored. I am hoping the Clarion hotel in MD (where we booked) will kick them off the ability to reserve list. I will not pay for a fraudulent charge.

Do not use them, it's a scam.

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I have exactly the same case, I book a hotel and cancel an hour later because of the horrible review of the hotel, called the hotel to check whether there is going to be cancellation fee, and the hotel said no since my cancellation is within an hour, but they can't cancel my transaction, only travelnow can, so i want back to them, but so far there is no response from them. Do not use this company, they are not helpful, not responsive to customer, and most likely is a scam

Terlizzi, Puglia, Italy #275498

Have had a similar issue with TravelNow.com. I booked two rooms on the same itenerary.

I cancelled both rooms abuot a week before my trip and received email confirmations that they received my request. They only cancelled one room and inssisted that it was my mistake.

Cross Mountain, Texas, United States #267350

I made a hotel/waterpark reservation with them...I HAVE THE CONFIRMATION. I went to check in at the hotel and the hotel charged me twice the confirmed rate!

Had to argue with Travel.com for over 30-minutes...their non-english speaking representative said sorry and would send a $100 voucher! Really..force me to use them again?

Yermo, California, United States #24352

Oh no, I JUST cancelled a booking with them this morning and already had a sinking feeling I would never see my money back. I can't find a phone number on their site. Do you have one?

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